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Mini Football Sessions


Our Mini Football Sessions are designed to give your little one the perfect introduction to football in a fun, pressure free environment. Our sessions are centred around play and incorporate elements of the EYFS Curriculum to support with overall child development. Our sessions are the perfect way for your child to gain a love for Sport and develop socially & physically. At HES we appreciate that every child is unique and our mission is to provide an environment where every child can become confident and flourish.

Communication & language

  • Listening

  • Independent thinking

  • Expression

  • Speaking


Physical development

  • Motor skills

  • Co-ordination

  • Agility

  • Strength and stamina


Personal, social & emotional

  • Self-esteem

  • Team work

  • Sharing

  • Respect for others

Mini Stars

Age 2 - 3.5

In these classes we develop toddlers’ confidence through fun, football-based games. Children develop a foundation of social skills and physical attributes using movements while getting used to the ball. Children quickly learn how to kick with confidence, dribble, change direction and stop the ball. You will see your child grow in confidence as the weeks go by.


If your little one has lots of energy and shows signs that they love to be physical this is the perfect session for you.

Mighty Stars

Age - 3.5 - 5

In these sessions children begin to show greater awareness of their surroundings and become more confident in their physical movements. Children develop better control of their body, running and moving with confidence. Football skills will develop and players will confidently stop the ball, strike the ball for passing & shooting and dribble with more control.  You will see your child become more confident and flourish.

Children will display improved concentration and understanding enabling them to practice a wider range of skills more independently. Children will become more confident and be able to control the ball with different parts of the foot, dribble with more speed and link football actions (for example, dribble, turn and shoot).  There will be more emphasis on playing matches and children will become more aware within game situations.

Super Stars

Age - 5 - 7


Age 7+

At this stage your children will be ready to play more competitively within a team. We have a number of local teams that we work in partnership with and will be able to provide your child with the best pathway to continue developing their skills. 

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