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Our HAF Programme

We work with local authorites to deliver the HAF programme within local communities. Our programmes provide, Physical Activity, Nutritional Education, Enriching Activities and we provide a healthy meal for all of our participants. As part of our delivery we engage with parents to deliver, Nutritional Advice, Education and Support.

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Physical Activity

Our physical activity offer is comprehensive, we have something for everyone. We deliver:

-   Netball           -  Basketball

-   Dodgeball     -  Gymnastics -   Football          -   Dance  

-   Multi Skills     -   Tennis

-   Athletics         -   Handball

...and more!


Nutritional Education

Our specialist staff are trained to deliver engaging nutrition workshops. Our nutrition delivery models vary and are delivered through class based activities, IT and physical activity.  Our nutritional education sessions are fun, interactive and educational. 


Enriching Activities

Our HAF Programmes offers enriching activities by enabling our participants to have access to IT, Art, Sports and Nutritional Education. We engage with families to raise awareness and promote healthy living through physical activity and good nutrition. 

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