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Neurodiversity support

Neurodiversity is a concept and movement that recognises and celebrates the natural variations in human brain function and behaviour. It views neurological differences, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning difficulties, as normal variations rather than deficits or disorders. The term promotes the idea that these differences should be respected and valued, much like variations in ethnicity, culture, or gender.

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This services offers Academic, Social and Therapeutic support. We support in all avenues and our provision includes Special Education Classes, Academic Support and Assistive Technology. We also provide Technology and Accessibility Services that teaches how to Adapt Devices, Accessible Modifications and we provide Digital Literacy Training. We provide services from Social Skills Training, Recreational Programmes and Community Integration Programmes. We encourage engagement within the community and promote socialisation.


This services offers support in Employment. We deliver Job Training Programmes, Career Counselling, Supported Employment and Workplace Accommodations. Through our services, we are able to support in basic interview skills and presenting up - to - date Curriculum Validates. 

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This service provides support in Medical and Psychological provisions. We provide access to Medical Evaluations and Treatment, Medication Management and Nutritional Counselling. This service is supported by a healthcare  professional specialised in neurodiversity. We also provide Psychological Assessments, Counselling and Psychotherapy and family therapy in support of understanding 


This service offers Advocacy and Legal services, Housing and Independent Living Services and Support Groups. We deliver access to Advocacy Groups, Legal Assistances, Guardianship and Financial Planning supporting all neurodiverse an understanding and securing their rights. We also support in finding Supported Living Arrangements, Life Skills Training and Respite Care. Those that are challenged with difficulties are aided with Support Groups and also Parent and Caregivers Support Groups. 

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